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The Haidakhandi Samaj manages two big ashrams in the remote areas of the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand state in India. The effective upkeep of the ashrams is managed through a team of employees. The ashrams provide employment opportunities to the poor people living at Haidakhan Village and Chillianaula Village. Creation of employment opportunities in such remote areas is in itself a social and charitable pursuit. The ashrams at Haidakhan and Chilliyanaula are the drivers of the local economy.

Though Babaji’s devotees are generous in their contributions, the collected money is not enough to meet the cost of day-to-day running of the infrastructure.

In addition Haidakhandi Samaj is running a general medicine and dental clinic at Haidakhan Village to cater to the healthcare needs of the public in and around Haidakhan. The first line of treatment with free medicine is provided at the ashram clinic. Every quarter, the Samaj also organises a medical camp featuring visits by specialist doctors from various

fields for holistic healthcare for the poor in the region.

Given that the centerpiece of Babaji’s teachings is selfless service to humanity, the Haidakhandi Samaj serves the poor through Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital at Chilliyanaula, where health care services in the field of eye, dental and ENT are provided. Since 1997, free cataract services have been rendered to thousands of people. The hospital organises free cataract screening camps in the region. Free advanced medical services are provided in form of medical camps, free eye cataract surgeries, free advanced Retina treatment with state-of-the-art equipment, dental care and ENT treatment and surgeries.

All these yeoman services rendered by the Samaj need infusions of finance on a regular basis.

It is an appeal to all kind and compassionate souls to join the Haidakhandi Samaj in pursuit of this journey of selfless service to mankind by way of coming forward with financial aid.

All donations are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, for citizens of India.

FOR DONATIONS BELOW 200 EUROS/DOLLORS we suggest, kindly click at the following link and also communicate directly with Kushal Singh, Haidakhan Gesellschaft, by way of providing your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, EMAIL ID and the amount donated.

FOR DONATIONS ABOVE 200 EUROS/DOLLORS we suggest, kindly get in touch with the Haidakhandi Samaj Office or write us at


Payee NameShree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital
Bank NameBank Of Baroda
Branch NameNavin Mandi, Branch Haldwani, Dist. Nainital Uttarakhand – INDIA
A/C No.18490200000096

INDIAN DEVOTEES wanting to donate towards the cause of helping poor people get medical aid or simply interested in helping Haidakhandi Samaj towards upkeep and maintenance of the ashrams, kindly get in touch with the Haidakhandi Samaj Office or write us at